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Published on June 29, 2023 Updated on October 17, 2023

on the October 2, 2023

You are a student at Université Côte d'Azur and you like to take on new challenges in the field of AI? The Azur Data Challenge is for you. Register! 

Join the region's 1st cross-ecosystem industrial data challenge.


The purpose of this registration is to let us know that you are interested in the event. Depending on the number of people interested, we will make a selection and confirm whether you are a competitor in this challenge at a later stage. Please note that you can register even after the starting date of the challenge.

Key dates not to be missed:
Start of competition  Monday, October 9, 2023
Azur Data Challenge kick-off meeting
You'll be able to ask the data sponsor any questions you might have!
Monday, October 16, 2023 
End of competition Friday, November 17, 2023

THE DATA SPONSOR: Sensoria Analytics

Since 2017, we have been developing innovative medical algorithms and software to enhance screening methods for cardiovascular disease using an ultra-precise oximeter.

Cardiosensys is our first success; this software for healthcare professionals provides a wider and more accurate pool of information on a patient's state of health than any other device. 

In 2022, we therefore decided to launch an application incorporating the same technology for the general public. We have translated the information obtained by Cardiosensys so that it can be understood and interpreted by everyone. Our MyHooxy oximetry solution is now available and will make an ideal health and well-being companion for all profiles.



A data challenge is a competition aimed at solving specific problems using data analysis.

The data sponsor provides a suitable database for competitors to use as a source of information for the analysis. Participating competitors access this data via a dedicated platform. They then develop machine learning algorithms to answer the question raised.

At the end of the competition, the best competitors are awarded a prize in recognition of their work and the results obtained by the algorithm they have developed. In this way, data challenges stimulate innovation and problem-solving in a variety of fields.



Participants in the competition go through several phases:
  • Registration phase: Competitors register for the data challenge.
  • Learning phase: Competitors train their algorithms using the annotated data made available on the challenge platform.
  • Submission phase: Competitors evaluate their algorithms by testing them on an intermediate dataset provided by the organisation. Competitors are limited in the number of submissions and computing power to a weekly volume in order to maintain commitment throughout the competition. A LeaderBoard is available to monitor the progress of the best competitors.
  • Winners' promotion phase: The top 3 competitors with the highest scores in the submissions present their work and the the proposed approach at the Sophia Summit 2023  on November 22, 2023.
The Azur Data Challenge is open to all UniCA members, but may be extended in the short term. Stay tuned!

Co-organisers of the event

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