Continuation and intensification of privileged partnership with Université Laval

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Published on March 27, 2024 Updated on March 27, 2024

on the March 18, 2024

U Laval
U Laval

A delegation from the Canadian university, led by its Rector Sophie d'Amours, visited on March 14 and 15 to review and implement the privileged partnership that has united Université Côte d'Azur and Université Laval since 2017.

On the Université Laval side, the delegation was made up of :
  • François Gélineau, Vice-Rector, International Affairs, Sustainable Development and Philanthropy.
  • Eugénie Brouillet, Vice-Rector, Research, Creation and Innovation
  • Martin Fortier, Assistant Vice-Rector, Internationalization and Promotion of Research, Creation and Innovation
  • Noémie Moisan, Associate Vice-Rector, Human Resources
  • Caroline Sénécal, Associate Vice-Rector, Academic and Student Affairs
  • Julien Poitras, Dean, Faculty of Medicine
  • Alexis Achim, Vice-Dean, Research Faculty of Forestry, Geography and Geomatics
  • Maripier Tremblay, Head of the Department of Management and holder of the Chair in Teaching Leadership in the Development of the Entrepreneurial Spirit and Entrepreneurship
  • Marie-Andrée Doran, Assistant to the Vice-Rector VRAIDD, ULaval Director of Partenariat Privilégié and Mission Leader
  • Andrée-Anne Stewart, Assistant Director of Communications
  • Marie Lacerte, Strategic Development Advisor, International Networks and Privileged Partnerships, VRAIDD

The aim of this two-day mission was to take stock of this privileged partnership and determine the roadmap for the coming years. The delegation was able to :
  • visit the IMREDD and the Institut d'Innovation et de Partenariat Arôme Parfum Cosmétique in connection with the impact and innovation strategy driven by the Initiative d'excellence
  • discuss European opportunities, notably in the context of the Ulysseus European University and Canada's association with Horizon Europe
  • get an overview of the Université Côte d'Azur's entrepreneurship strategy and its Innovation program, as proposed by the Initiative of Excellence
  • determine the 2024-2025 roadmap for the preferred partnership.
On Thursday evening, the delegation also took part in the closing and feedback evening organized by Université Côte d'Azur following its participation in COP 28. This was an opportunity for Rector Sophie d'Amours to share some introductory thoughts on the role of universities in the face of the climate emergency, drawing on the achievements and ambitions of Université Laval.

"Info-critique" agreement signed between the two institutions

At the end of the two-day exchange, Jeanick Brisswalter and Sophie d'Amours signed an "info-critique" agreement designed to promote lifelong training for medical staff in Europe and improve patient care in France.Info-Critique training, developed by Université Laval's Faculty of Medicine, will help clinicians and healthcare professionals to keep their knowledge up to date and to integrate data from scientific publications into their practice.