3D printing partnership with OCA and CNRS

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Published on February 14, 2024 Updated on February 14, 2024

on the February 13, 2024


Université Côte d'Azur, via its IMREDD Institute for Innovation and Partnerships, the 'Observatoire de la Côte d'Azur' and the CNRS are creating a center of expertise in additive manufacturing (3D printing). At the "Smart City Innovation Centre", they are pooling their material and human resources to meet more diverse and numerous demands, and to support projects aimed at accelerating the region's move towards the industry of the future.

3D printing: a technological revolution

Additive Manufacturing or 3D printing technologies define all the processes used to create an object from a digital file, and manufacture it by depositing successive layers of various materials (plastic, metal, ceramic, concrete, wood, organic and bio-based materials).file and manufacture it by depositing successive layers of various materials (plastic, metal, ceramic, concrete, wood, organic and bio-based materials). They enable the rapid production of complex-shaped parts in small batches, reducing design time and offering customized production. From the construction of buildings to the printing of aerospace parts, from the manufacture of custom prostheses to the bioprinting of human tissue, 3D printing is making its way into every sector.

3D printing technologies represent a veritable industrial upheaval that will inevitably transform and impact jobs in the sectors concerned.But they also represent an opportunity for development in terms of new or yet-to-be-defined jobs and professions. In this fast-changing market, the major challenge remains the acquisition of the skills and knowledge that will enable companies to rapidly reposition themselves and seize the new opportunities offered by additive manufacturing.

The Additive Manufacturing Competence Centre: a service to accelerate industrial development and research

The Additive Manufacturing Competence Centre :
  • provides access to cutting-edge technological resources,
  • meets prototyping and micro-fabrication needs,
  • covers the entire part manufacturing chain: general design, detailed design, industrialization, materials management, 3D manufacturing, part inspection and post-processing.
  • offers full personalized support from qualified engineers.

With a fleet of over thirty printers, industrial and research players can develop their projects on printers capable of manufacturing parts in a wide range of volumes and materials (polymers, polymers, polymers, polymers, polymers, polymers, polymers, polymers, polymers, polymers, polymers, polymers, polymers, polymers and polymers).and materials (polymers, ceramics, glass and composites) using technologies such as polymer powder sintering, photopolymerization and material extrusion.

IMREDD's Smart City Innovation Center: cutting-edge skills and equipment to accelerate innovation projects by local ecosystem players

Operational since January 2022, the Smart City Innovation Center provides startups, SMEs, ETIs and major groups with resources - equipment, expertise and know-how - to solve problems relating to the "intelligent territory". Spanning 1,400 m2, the technology platform is equipped with some one hundred pieces of equipment: additive manufacturing, physico-chemical characterization, 3D digitization, smart home, energy solutions for buildings, electric and autonomous mobility, digital simulation. It offers services for testing solutions, prototyping, developing proofs of concept, conducting feasibility studies, integrating solutions and raising awareness/training companies in innovative methods and technologies. The initial investment in scientific equipment represents 5.7 million euros, including 3.75 million euros in co-financing from public partners and 1.3 million euros in direct investment from companies.

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